Deir El Kamar
Shouf, Lebanon
Mount Lebanon
It is an old town hemmed in an urban frame that maintained the architectural prosperties of the 17th and 18th centuries. This pattern continues until you reach Beiteddine. In the old beautiful streets, gardens blossoming with roses and jasmine attract one's sight, besides the outdoor stone benches that belong to the houses, and which are filled with vines dangling in front of the houses, the flower beds and the houses and narrow streets. All of this makes out of the town a scenic place.
Lebanese time is G.M.T. +2 hours in winter (October to March) and +3 hours in summer (April to September)
While Arabic is Lebanon's official language, English and French are widely spoken.
All foreigners must have a valid passport and visa to enter Lebanon.
The official Lebanese currency is the Lebanese pound or lira (LL).
All personal belongings are exempt from ordinary customs duties.
Lebanon is a developed country with relatively good health facilities.
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