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South Lebanon covers an area which extend North from “Awwali” river till “Naqoura” to the South, and from the Mediterranean Sea west till the Lebanese – Syrian borders to the East. Its geographical relief is varied and includes a coastal stretch, a mountainous zone along with hills.

The coastal stretch extends along a regular line from the sea level up to an altitude of 150 meters; it is interspersed with capes and bays near which small habitations had been formed since ancient times. In the long run those developed, and some of them constituted urban centers which were fairly considered as the most important centers of civilization of all the Levant Coast.

The hills area stretches at an altitude varying between 100 and 1000 meters, it covers the most part of lands in South Lebanon. The river of Al Qasimiyeh (Litani) runs through this area and irrigates many lands planted with olive and apple trees, along with almond, pine and oak trees. On the banks of the river, stand the cities and villages in cazas of Nabatiyeh and Jezzine, along with some villages of Sidon to the North. It is in that hills area that are found the most important archaeological sites of the Middle Ages era, both crusader and Islamic among others at the towns of Chqif, Tibnine, Dayr Kifa, Anan and  Doubiyye.

The mountainous area rises up to an altitude between 800 and 1500 meters, it includes the heights of Mount Niha where we found the renowned resort centers of the South, such as Kfarhouna, Aramta , Jezzine, Roum , Bkassine, Jbaa, Jarjouh and Arab Salim. Just to the North of these villages, stands the Mount Hermon (Sheikh) where are stretched the towns and villages of Hasbaya, Chebaa, Kfarchouba and Kfayr.

Beside its archaeological weather, south Lebanon also provides the visitor with a gorgeous natural landscape: superb sandy beaches, mountain peaks, water falls, gushing springs, pine forests, orchards abounding in fruits, in addition to tourist centers that embellish the cities and localities of the area. 

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