North Lebanon
Explore / Mount Lebanon

The Western range of the Lebanon mountains constitutes the spine of the country to which it gave its name, that is Lebanon.

For a long time, inhabitants of the coastal cities and areas had been accustomed to avoid the heat and humidity of summer, in order to enjoy the cool and dry climate of Mount Lebanon.

Mount Lebanon is both an appealing and varied area, the visitor therein would find out attractive and spectacular landscapes, beside traditional villages encompasses by history, and places of worship belonging to all the religious communities in Lebanon, along with pleasant summer and winter resorts, in addition to delicious restaurants.

The appeals of summer resorts were added, fifty years ago, by various activities related to winter sports. In the course of time, the snow-covered slopes of some high mountainous localities have turned into ski resorts offering the required facilities for this kind of sports. Today Mount Lebanon holds almost all the ski resorts in the country.


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